Closing Announcement

Due to lack of free time to commit to the server (as of like... 6 months ago) for the majority if not pretty much all of the development/management staff the server is now in a state of limbo. If none of the developers or admins decide that they wish to continue the server as it is then the server will shut down on May 1st and will no longer be accessible. The donation store has been closed for now so nobody wastes any money in the meantime if the server is not going to be continued.

If you need anything off the server please make sure it has been done before May 1st as once the server is shut down we will not be recovering builds etc... for anybody.

If you would like a WE schematic of something you have built (we will check that it is indeed your build) mark the opposite corners with an obvious block type (ie if you don't use sponge for anything use that... as it stands out a fair bit) and open a /ticket next to each of the two blocks, and put a name for the build for reference and we will send you the schematic on here or over the discord when we see the ticket.

Side Note

If anybody wants to continue playing on another Towny based server (obviously not designed the same as ours, as most of our features are custom stuff Winter came up with) @Verum on the Discord (feel free to bug him with any questions) also runs a Towny server over at (Website: