You have been banned from the LegionCraft server for Xray.

Spoiler: EvidenceShow

I teleported to see if you were afk earlier because a player asked for you, and you were afk in a hole that was dug straight down. You also said, "DIAMONDS" in chat and I went to investigate, and looking through a lava pit and stone are powers of the Gods, so I don't think someone like you would be possessing such intuition,

We do not tolerate any behaviour like this on the server - whether the intention of the exploit is to cause damage to the server, crash players clients or to gain access to things you should not have access to. As such you will not be able to appeal and will remain banned - as will any other alternate accounts you wish to use.

This post is here purely to act as emphasis to other players - we do not take exploit abuse (or hacks of any kind) lightly, and will not tolerate it regardless of who it is attempting to use them.