It shouldn't come as that much of a surprise for the regulars on the server, as I've been pretty AWOL for many months now, but I will officially be taking even more of a back seat as far as the server goes from now on, slowly coming away from the server altogether over the next few months.

This is not a post stating the closing down of the server however (at least not right now) so do not panic just yet!
What happens with the server currently is up in the air. We are currently paid up to March 1st 2018 with the donations we have had up to today, but whether the server continues to be developed and ran as it has been up to now is up to the current staff and what they are able to do (or wish to do) as I will no longer be taking an active role in the servers development or ongoing activities/future from now on.

From the time of this post until the end of December all I will be doing on the server are the events I usually run (top voters, steam raffle and the current build comp - possibly the last build comp I run myself).
As far as the Steam raffle goes this months will be as listed in the post, next months will be a larger pot of games up for grabs and the final raffle will be in December. For the final raffle I will put all remaining games I have keys for in the pot up for grabs, and every day through December that you log into the server you will get an additional entry in the raffle (ontop of the usual ways to get entries - minus donations as the donation store is now disabled until we know what we are doing the server going forward).

At this moment in time the future of the server from the new year on is uncertain. The staff will be discussing whether they are able to continue the server or not over the next couple of months, and if so whether things need to be changed going forward to make things feasible. Development of further projects may be halted, or just slowed, for the time being while we figure out what we are doing from here on - it's up to Winter and his team as to what they do for the time being.

If it does come down to the server not being continued further we will leave things running from the new year until the 1st of March when the forum plan runs out and close the server down on this date. If that is how things go then a backup of the files will be created before we do so, so anybody that wants them can retreive them for their own use or on their own server(s).

Please know that this was not a particularly easy decision to make. It was a very easy decision to pick up the mantle when ATC closed down and get an alternative up and running for the community to move to, and I couldn't be happier with how things have gone over the last year since I put LegionCraft up, especially with the help of Winter and his development team and everything they have contributed to the server.
Running a server is not the most enjoyable of things to do however - you don't get pretty much any of the enjoyment of actually playing on the server, and you slowly lose all free time you get in your life (Not just for me, but for any of the staff on the development/management side of the server).
Over the last few months my free time has become extremely limited, and what I have had I have no longer had the desire to spend on the server (or Minecraft), but I would rather keep you all in the loop as to what is happening with the server rather than just dropping a 'the server is being closed down' bomb post at some point without warning.

I hope you all understand the thought that has gone into making this decision and that I didn't make it lightly - and I hope plans are able to be made to keep the server going in some way. The community has started to dwindle a little over the last few months (not aided by the lack of advertising etc... on my part) but it has been one of the better Minecraft communities I've been a part of, with a number of years of enjoyment had playing the game with you all (going back to first joining ATC).
We will let you know as soon as we know what the plans are moving forward.