You have been banned from the LegionCraft server for inappropriate language.

As is said in the server rules: We expect polite behaviour on the server. This means no foul language, no deliberately malicious comments, no bullying of any kind, no racism or prejudice, no sexual harassment, no spawn camping, no threats and no unfair treatment of any kind. After joining and reading the rules, trying to destroy the one that says no client mods with your friends and first thing you say is what can be seen in the spoiler below, I don't see that you want to play on the server fairly.
Spoiler: Show

If you want us to lift this ban, which will allow you to return to the LegionCraft server, then please reply in this post with the following:
- An explanation for your actions
- A good reason why we should unban you
- An apology for violating server rules and requesting a second chance

If you have any questions do not hesitate to PM a staff member for help.
Tips and advice on making an appeal can be found HERE