IGN (and real name if you want): TheBenjamonster

Position applying for (Mod/Dev/Admin): Any of the 3

Age: 12

Level of maturity (0/10): 2/10 - 8/10

Explain why you gave yourself that score: I act really dumb usually... infact i TRY to act dumb... but when it comes to being serius... im like crazy about it

Why should we accept you (What do you do different): i understand how people get stressed, i understand what people want, and im usually quite nice

Previous experience: mod and admin of a small server

Plugin Knowledge (not important for being a Mod, but it may help with going up the ranks): i mainly know of the world-edit plugin and power-tool plugin

Have you ever been banned before? Why?: only once, and it was because when i was quite young, i used a minecraft Mod, a "hacking" mod if you will, but ive learned sence then

Any additional info you wish to share: im autistic. i dont care about my grammer, i only care if people can understand me.